Bfitastic Founder Jeanette Stoneman Loves Helping Moms Get Fit!


Jeanette Stoneman is a mompreneur and personal trainer. She is certified in personal training through the American Council on Exercise and specializes in functional fitness, strength training, and weight loss. Jeanette also holds many certifications in the leading and most recognized group fitness company in the world, Les Mills. Currently, she is certified in Les Mills BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT®, and GRIT®. Jeanette’s passion for fitness began as a little girl but re-emerged after the birth of her second daughter.  

After moving to Richmond from Texas, I entered the phase of life where all three of my children are in school for at least a few hours a day. I was thrilled to be able to work out with Jeanette a couple days a week! High-Intensity Interval Training is her specialty and is otherwise known as an H.I.I.T. workout. These workouts are short bursts of intense exercise followed by a less intense activity. This workout builds lean muscle but also burns fat quicker than a traditional workout. H.I.I.T workouts require zero equipment and can be done in the comfort of your own home (which is where we worked out for 50 minutes Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for 8 weeks). If you are a mom with a newborn or a mom that is too busy to get to a gym, Jeanette will come to you. And let me tell you what a difference this makes!

She understands how busy life can get and she enjoys working with moms that want to start their health journey but don’t know where to start. She wants to connect with you and create a workout plan this is specific and tailored to give you the results that you have set for yourself. In fact, my life can often be so hectic that working out is the first thing I let slide. But that’s not good for me or my family! I want to have a fit body and sound mind and spirit to be the best mama and wife I can be! I told Jeanette I couldn’t get too sweaty on days I had meetings immediately following our workout, and we both laughed, but she made it work. We were able to do legitimate strength training and an all over workout that made me feel strong and confident!

Nutrition and exercise come hand in hand and Jeanette coaches a 30 day clean eat boot camp that will reset your metabolism and reset your hormones after having a baby. For 30 days, the program eliminates many foods that could be sabotaging your diet and then reintegrates them slowly after the challenge. Have you heard of the whole 30? It’s very similar, but it’s not as time-consuming for the busy person on the go. You will feel amazing and walk away with a wealth of knowledge on how to fuel your body. Jeanette does not believe in “fad” diets and will show you that losing weight is a side effect of getting healthy. She provides 8 weeks of meal planning, and if you are vegan, she has you covered, too.  

Are you a mom that likes to be social? You can work with Jeanette to host a workshop for healthy eating or a mommy workout with your friends. Accountability plays a big part in your success. Imagine how fun and rewarding it will be to start your fitness journey with another mom looking to start hers.

You can get more information on her website,, or email Jeanette to set up a visit. You will be so glad you did!


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