My Pelvic Floor is Stronger than Ever…and I’ve got an App to Prove it!


My Pelvic Floor is Stronger Than Ever and I've Got an App to Prove It

Remember my post from 8 weeks ago, Does Mommy Tinkle When She Giggles? I had mentioned that all of those jokes about moms peeing a little when they laugh or sneeze are no joke at all.

Just the other day, I was hanging out with my girlfriend. While our kids played outside, she got a case of the sneezes. I’ll be darned if she didn’t crisscross her knees and bend in half with every sneeze. I knew exactly what was happening. While she looked like a 4-year-old doing the potty dance, I knew what she was really doing. She was praying that her lady parts wouldn’t sprinkle when she sneezed!

That used to be me! While I didn’t experience the frustration of definite incontinence that some women face after childbirth, I definitely had to hold it in when I sneezed or laughed too hard—until I met the PeriCoach® system that is!

Well, I’ve been doing Kegel exercises consistently with the PeriCoach system for the last 8 weeks. And other than a few days when I was having a technical issue with the app connecting to the device, it really was an easy 5-minute exercise several days a week. As I said in the beginning of this program, when I first opened the box and read the instructions, I was a little intimidated.

“You want me to put an app on my phone that maps out a graph of my ability to squeeze and relax down there?!?

You know what? That intimidation fades real quick. The first time you laugh hysterically without worrying that you might have tinkled a little, you know it’s working! And the guidance in the app keeps you motivated as you can actually see progress in your strength and endurance. So 8 weeks later, I can say for sure that my pelvic floor is stronger than ever. And I have the cool graphs in the app to show it!

PeriCoach 8 Week Challenge Details

The PeriCoach® System is an easy-to-use home device and application that guided me as I did the pelvic floor exercises. The guidance in the app is easy to follow and keeps you motivated as you can actually see progress in your strength and endurance. So, if you know what Kegels are and why they’re important but your pelvic floor muscles are still weak, you need the PeriCoach system to make your muscles stronger than ever, too.

Don’t wait ’til you’re crisscrossing your legs with every sneeze. Join the challenge! Here are the details on the 8 week challenge:

  • Exercise daily with PeriCoach (for a minimum of 5 days a week over 8 weeks).
  • Use the app to record in the bladder diary. 
  • Complete 3 simple surveys each month that take less than 10 minutes to complete.

P.S. There are other benefits to a stronger-than-ever pelvic floor that a busy mom might enjoy on a weekend away with her partner. You’ll have to try it to find out for yourself!

Join Me!

This is your invitation to join me and start your journey to better bladder control and increased confidence down there. 

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We are thrilled to partner with PeriCoach on this 8 week challenge. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own!