Why We Love Support Suppers (And Why You Should, Too!)


Why We Love Support Suppers (And Why You Should, Too!)

Eating a good meal can be deeply satisfying and can provide comfort, energy, and good health. And I’m sure it’s for these reasons that when our friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers face a challenge or crisis, our help often comes in the form of a meal.

A meal helps lift the load.

But the reality is that for many of us, there are nights where we can barely get a healthy meal on the table. Still, we’re determined (as we should be) not to let our own busyness get in the way of helping out.

I recently signed up for a meal train. And though I had great intentions to provide a home-cooked meal, time got away from me, and I ordered take-out at the last minute. It wasn’t bad, but I had wanted it to be better.

I wish I had known about Support Suppers!

Richmond has a new option that will make the experience of giving a meal delightful for both you and for those you send a meal to: Support Suppers! Have you heard of them yet? 

If you haven’t, I’m so happy to introduce you. Support Suppers is a thoughtful new way to provide meal support to your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. And it will knock their socks off!

Support Supports is a gift meal service for the Greater Richmond Area. When you want to provide a meal, they take care of the prep and delivery!

The menu is thoughtful. Local chefs prepare the meals the day they’re delivered using fresh ingredients! And the meal is delivered ready-to-eat in an insulated bag that they get to keep!

  • Something delicious.
  • Something different. 
  • Something delightful!

A memorable meal in a matter of minutes. Brilliant!

My Support Supper Experience

We got the chance to try Support Suppers, and I was excited because life has been busy. In the past month, we’ve celebrated an 80th birthday and a 12th birthday. We’ve hosted parties and sleepovers and small groups. We’ve chauffeured our kids to summer camp and made multiple trips out of town. It’s been non-stop! So I welcomed the break from dinner prep.

I love ordering via the Web, so that’s what I did (you can call if you’d prefer). I popped online, looked at their calendar, and chose a meal that I thought my family would love. The meal sounded impressive. And when the meal came, the menu was included in a hand-written note!

Support Suppers Menu

I had the meal delivered to my home, but there are other options.

Meals are available Monday through Thursday, and you can have a Support Supper delivered directly to a home or office in the Greater Richmond Area.

But if you’d rather deliver the meal yourself, just ask Support Suppers to deliver it to you. Then, you can hand deliver it to the recipient. This works great when you want to sneak a peek at new babies or give a hug or two.  

You can also purchase a gift meal. A gift meal allows the recipient to choose the date, meal, and delivery location that works best for them. They just order and redeem the code during checkout.

The arrival of our Support Supper was quite the scene.

Let’s just get right to it; my kids flipped. When they saw the bag and realized what it was, they were beyond excited. They insisted on taking each item out, and they loved finding all of the extras:

“Look! It comes with utensils and plates!”
“Wow. That smells so good.”
“Oh my gosh! Look at that awesome salad!”
“What’s in the cute little jars? Do we get to keep them?”
“We get to keep the bag?! What?! That’s cool.”
“Mom! They even provided slices of lime for the sparkling water!”

They were glad (for once) to set the table. (Can I get a Support Supper every night?!)

Everything looked as good as it smelled, and it tasted delicious.

And the portions were plenty for our family of four. Look at those plates! (We had leftovers. Bonus!)

Now is a good time to mention that Support Suppers makes all of their own salad dressings and specialty butters! They arrived in cute, fabric-covered, mini-mason jars, and they were a hit. 

We enjoyed the whole experience from beginning to end.

The food was delicious, spirits were high, and the conversation was lively. And…there was no cleanup! Hallelujah!

Look, there’s nothing wrong with a home-cooked meal. But there is so much thought put into the preparation and presentation of these meals. There were so many little touches that made the experience special. For us, it was a true blessing–a yummy, healthy break in the midst of hectic living.

And now, they also have a summer picnic menu!

Support Supper customers are raving so much about their cold dishes, that they’re putting them into a summer picnic meal.

Remember: the meal is delivered in a reusable, insulated bag along with plates, utensils, and beverages. When it’s delivered, you’re ready to go! It’s a great option for a romantic picnic, a family picnic, or a sports event/swim meet.

And in case you were wondering, yes, Support Suppers also does small catering events like baptisms and memorials! 

When Should You Order a Support Supper?

Anytime! When you order a Support Supper, you’re not just feeding someone; you’re doing something kind for body, soul, and spirit. 

18 Reasons to Make Someone's Day with a Support Supper!Go to supportsuppers.com to order! And enjoy!

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