Making Your House Work: Quick Nightstand Fix


When we talk about adding functionality to our homes, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the big things we want to accomplish. If it’s not The Big Project That Will Solve All My Woes, is it really worth attempting? 

Sometimes, though, you don’t have much time, much money, or much energy. That doesn’t mean you can’t make any changes! You just have to think creatively.

The problem

The size of my nightstand has bugged me for years. It just doesn’t have enough space to allow me to easily get to things I use every night.

Additionally, I hadn’t found a compact solution for what to do with trash generated while I’m in bed: used Kleenex, cough drop wrappers, etc. Ideally, I wanted something that wouldn’t take up any extra floor space.

The materials

I just needed a few things to solve my pesky problem which cost me less than $25:

Our needed materials. Cocktail optional, but recommended.

The fix

I paired up my picture hanging strips, placing one pair on each end of the utensil caddy, and pressed it on to my nightstand. Then, I put the magazine holder underneath.

That’s it!

The result

Now, I keep my lip balm, nail file, glasses, and any jewelry I forgot to take off in my caddy.  It’s held up quite well over the past few months, only falling off when the cat decides he wants to try sitting on it. The magazine-holder-turned-trash-receptacle doesn’t take up any extra space, can hold almost a whole box of Kleenex (ask me how I know), and hides the overflowing power strip that sits on the floor by the wall.

There are five additional bottles of lotion and four more books cropped out of this picture. #reallife

Don’t let an inability to paint walls, build cabinetry, or make something Pinterest-perfect hold you back from finding ways you can make your home work smarter for you. 

Sometimes the simple, fast solution is the best solution.

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