Pop Punk Dad


I married a punk.

Matt Seymour is my husband and Ruby’s dad. He’s been playing music around Richmond for almost two decades. Anyone who knows him knows that he loves making music, going to shows, supporting his friends, drinking beer, and riding his bike. It turns out he also loves being a dad. His life has definitely changed a ton in the past couple of years. But I think he’s head over heels in love with the two main gals in his life: me and Ruby.

Matt introducing former bandmates Carl and Louis to Ruby for the first time.

We met way back in 2000 at a party. From there, we just saw each other around at shows and bars. A few years ago, we decided to try our luck at dating. We found our groove after a bit of a bumpy start. After a few years of dating, we got hitched. July of 2015 is when we said our “I dos.” The first month after our wedding, my pregnancy test was positive. Then, our daughter was born in April of 2016, and our lives were forever changed.

In August of 2016, one year after I found out I was pregnant, I got the keys to my photography studio and went to work trying to grow my new business. Matt worked in kitchens around town, but we soon realized that if I was going to run a successful business, I needed some help with Ruby. We decided that Matt would take over as full-time, stay-at-home dad while I focus on growing my business, Wild Design Photography. He’s quite the domestic daddy. He’s meal planning. He and Ruby go on walks almost every day. And he’s getting better and better at his Grover impersonation.

When I see him with Ruby, I love him so much. Not that I don’t love him when he’s not with Ruby–I totally do. But there’s just something about seeing the man you love taking care of the baby you love that just makes your heart swell. He’s a great dad, and I can’t wait to see how their relationship grows and changes over the years. It’s gonna be awesome.