10 Reasons We Chose Classical Christian Education for Our Kids


Hunter Classical Christian School

We’re the parents who have done it all: homeschool, private, and public school.

We struggled with school choice. For us, it was ridiculous agony because we felt real pressure to lay a foundation of positive learning that would last a lifetime.

I wanted to relax since I fully expected that my kids would be fine no matter what school they went to. But I couldn’t rest knowing that I was in charge of choosing the best education option I could for them. 

If you’re in those shoes and you’re struggling, you’re not alone. And maybe I can help. Let me tell you where we landed, and why the choice we made is one we’ll never regret.

And if you’re looking for something truly unique for your child but don’t know where to find it, let me also tell you why you should consider Hunter Classical Christian School.

Some background: We lived in the city.

When it was still just me and my husband, we moved from the county to the city. A well-meaning friend showed concern.

“What are you thinking?! What will you do when you have kids? Where will you send them to school?!”

“We’ll figure out something.”

I lived in the moment and deferred the pain of that decision. I’d wrestle with that big question when it became relevant. And I put it out of my mind.

Before we knew it, we went from the two of us to the four of us. And in what felt like an instant, the kids were school-aged, and it was time to “figure it out.”

Why didn’t we just go public? Or homeschool?


Our neighborhood elementary school wasn’t great. Test scores were average or below. A neighbor who was considering it for her children had visited. Kids were cursing the in halls, and teachers raised voices with the students multiple times during her short visit. It just wasn’t the positive learning environment I’d imagined for my kids.

I reasoned that I hadn’t grown up in a great school district either, and I was fine…ish. But when I thought back to my own education, I realized that I had graduated public high school after reading only a handful of lightweight, paperback books. Like most parents, I hoped I could provide something better for my kids.

Other friends who weren’t in great districts felt that sending their kids to the local school was an investment in the community. I admired their courage. But I knew that as a full-time working mom, I wouldn’t have the time or flexibility to be the involved parent who helps make a difference.

The biggest concern I had, and still do, came from actual educators. Several teachers and administrators I trusted implicitly confided that they were 1) frustrated with the state of public schooling and 2) said that if they had school-aged children of their own, they wouldn’t send them to public schools.


We started out homeschooling. I had gone to a cozy meeting at a charming woman’s home where she talked about her experience as a Charlotte Mason mom. It seemed like a beautiful, thoughtful way to parent and educate children.

But she was in a much different life situation. Her husband was the main bread winner, and they were very settled.

When my husband got laid off (definitely not settled), I went back to work. And that was the end of homeschooling for me. My husband tried valiantly to step up to the homeschool plate, but neither of us is built for it–especially me.

As a disorganized perfectionist, the stress of choosing a curriculum created unbearable stress. I knew that anything I would try to pull together would be scattered, and I feared that I’d leave critical aspects of their education out of the plan. I wanted my kids to benefit from well-thought-out, intentional instruction.

We needed another option.

Other Types of Private Schools

After we made the decision not to send the kids to the neighborhood school, we still struggled because of the many private school options: from Classical and Catholic to Waldorf and Montessori.

Montessori seemed attractive because of the high emphasis on character and mutual respect. I actually signed the application paperwork and paid the fee twice. But there was a nagging in my spirit that kept me from choosing that path.

Other schools were well out of our price range. One I remember cost nearly 20k per year per student! Even had I been able to afford it, I wouldn’t have chosen it. I felt that it may have ruined my son because it celebrated intellect. That’s fine, but only when paired with humbleness. I’ve known too many intellectually gifted and talented adults whose lives were a wreck because they lacked the additional traits of wisdom and character. 

Finally, a friend recommended that we contact her son’s school. We were impressed, it was affordable, and we were finally able to come to a decision: a private Classical Christian school.

And we’re so glad we did.

10 Reasons We Chose Classical Christian Education for Our Kids

Our kids were…

  1. Encouraged to think independently; to observe, think, and articulate. 
  2. Equipped with the skills to learn independently and critically.
  3. Challenged academically, but also challenged in spirit and in character.
  4. Taught about the whole of history so that their present and future would be well-informed.
  5. Taught to read and comprehend difficult and challenging material. 
  6. Guided to be respectful, self-disciplined, and hard working.
  7. Encouraged to excel and to reach their unique potential. 
  8. Challenged with a curriculum that didn’t teach to the average but to excellence.
  9. Taught to be Christ-centered and equipped with the wisdom and understanding necessary to be courageous in a world of conflicting ideas.
  10. Taught using the Classical method and learned in appropriate ways for their age and stage of learning. 

Some real-world results. 

Hunter Classical Christian School

My son spent 5 years in Classical Christian education. Today, he’s a straight-A honor student. But lots of kids are. What impresses me most is that he’s truly a critical thinker, he’s a thought-leader, and his eyes are opened to so many amazing possibilities. Instead of just memorizing for tests, he knows what he learned.

As he was explaining some historical facts to us this afternoon (the student has become the master), he smiled and said, “The benefits of a Classical education.”

At 14 years old, I trusted him to review this article and to provide thoughtful suggestions. He pointed out six or seven changes that he believed would make it a stronger piece, and I applied every one of them.

Classical Christian also helped us reinforce that talents and abilities are actually gifts. Our kids know that they are valued and that they were entrusted with gifts designed to be put to excellent use.

It was worth the investment.

Why Hunter Classical Christian?

This is why I can absolutely recommend that you take a close look at Hunter Classical Christian School. Located in the West End near 288 and Patterson Avenue, their goal is “To provide students with a positive environment that fosters a love of learning, laying the foundation for academic success.” Parents call Hunter a “hidden gem” and kids say, “I want to go to Hunter forever.”

If you’re a family who imagines a better path for your children…an education that your kids will love… If you want to ensure that your children have a superb educational foundation, character-building, excellent academic standards, smaller class size, and warm and welcoming teachers and staff at an affordable private school price, Hunter should be at the top of your list of school options. 

They’re currently accepting applications for grades K-8 for the 2017-18 school year, but space is limited. Go meet their staff. Ask questions about the hows and whys and benefits of Classical Christian education. And learn more about what makes Hunter Classical Christian School unique. 

Best regards as you choose the best educational path for your children!

Hunter Classical Christian School

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