How a Massage Helped Me Be a More Patient Mom



A full hour massage seems a bit indulgent, right?  You’re a busy MOM for heaven’s sake, not a Lady of Leisure!
Well, if you didn’t have a chance to read Holly’s post about self care last Wednesday, she reminded us that we all get so busy taking care of our families, that we almost always neglect the one doing the care taking – ourselves!

So, if you know you need a little self care these days, a great place to start is with a massage from Well Into Life.  

Upon walking into their quiet, calm offices you will feel your breath deepen and a weight being lifted off your shoulders as they invite you to make a warm cup of tea and get to know your massage therapist. The melodic tunes in the background, the beautiful muted lavenders and beiges of the rooms and the gentle voice of your therapist will immediately make you feel at ease.


After spending a little time to get to know you, the therapist will ask if you would like aromatherapy during your session and invite you to get comfortable on the massage table, which is delightfully warmed and covered in soft, fluffy linens.  As your massage begins, you will likely feel your body pause to take in the gentle touch of the therapist’s magical hands.  So often, as moms we carry the stress and challenges of our days in our neck and shoulders.  We don’t often realize how sore and tired our muscles are until someone gently coaxes them to loosen up and be nurtured.

About 20 minutes into my massage, my mind started to let go of the laundry list of to-do’s I needed to attend to that afternoon.  My shoulders and neck went from being tense and raised to falling into their more natural relaxed position. In that space on the warm massage table, I felt truly peaceful and cared for, if only for 40 more minutes. When it was time to leave, I wanted to just stay there and close my eyes to linger in that relaxing spot, but alas, I had to pick up the kids from preschool.  

A I pulled into the parking lot and prepared to get my two 3 1/2 year old balls of energy, I braced myself for the craziness that always ensues when two little people are tired and hungry and happy to see their mommy but also don’t want to share mommy. But you know what I found?  

I was so calm and in a place where I had taken the time and space to care for myself that day, that I was in a much better position to care for them all afternoon and evening.

So, I gently urge you to take care of yourself, mamas! Take 10 minutes each morning to sit in the silence with a warm cup of coffee. Take the hike your body is craving instead of doing another load of laundry today, and book a massage with Well Into Life. You’ll be glad you did!





Richmond Moms Blog is proud to partner with Well Into Life, who will also be providing chair massages to all moms that attend our Launch Party on November 11th!