Spring Cleaning Made Me $3,000


Spring is here (despite this crazy weather) and with the season change comes time for cleaning out all those rooms and closets. Facebook has a new marketplace feature where it is super easy to post things for sale. Between this and apps like OfferUp it is now a breeze to sell your extra items and make some easy cash. 

This year I made a plan and had great success spring cleaning.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Take photos of my items
  2. Google items to get a good price range
  3. Write up a quick description of the items
  4. Post 1-2 items per day online
  5. Then, place that day’s Items in my van once posted
  6. Pick a meeting space that was in public (Short Pump Town Center Parking Lot)
  7. Get my cash, give my item, and that’s it!

Through posting 2 items a day, 5 days a week, in a month we made several thousands of dollars that would have otherwise just been donated. If any items were not purchased by the end of the week, I donated them and took the receipt and put it with our tax information for next year’s charity deductions.

Here some tips to make more cash. 

  1. Take great photos.
  2. Put clothes in a trash bag and sell sizes in bulk rather than individually.
  3. Create a great description including brand names.
  4. Group items together if possible.
  5. Tag someone who could possibly use the items.
  6. Do not haggle. Post in the description that prices are firm.

It took less than an hour total to post items. I planned the meetings in public which meant that no one was getting my address. I often coordinated meetings when my husband could be there as well for additional safety.

Now I have a savings account full of cash, a closet cleaned of all those extras, and one happy momma ahead of the game on spring cleaning!