Meet Becca: On Uexpected Chapters + Coming Home


If I’m completely honest, if you had told me two years ago that I would be moving back to Virginia, living with my parents, working as my own boss, and have two little girls…I would never EVER believe you.  Yet here we are! And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  (Although I wish our new home construction could be overnight.)  

I grew up in Mechanicsville, graduating from Atlee High School and fleeing to Louisiana weeks after I got my diploma.  In those nine years away I met my best friends, went on wild summer adventures, earned a BA and Masters in Elementary Education from LSU (Geaux Tigers!), landed my first teaching job, married a man I’m crazy for, and birthed two gorgeous little girls.  We had a complete life, lacking nothing.  When we realized our second was on the way my husband made a drastic suggestion: “Why don’t we move to Virginia?”  My heart shouted: “BECAUSE I FLED! I RAN! I WANTED OUT!” …But why? Because I wanted to write my own chapter.  To live my own life.  And I had done so! Over the course of the coming weeks my heart softened and I realized how much better it would be to live near family.  More so, to enjoy the same opportunities I had growing up.  Where else can you drive less than 2 hours to get to the beach, Washington D.C, the mountains, you name it! What an incredible place to live!  So, two weeks after our second daughter arrived we packed up and moved in with my parents.  

Moments before we loaded the car and hopped a plane to Virginia
Saying goodbye to our home and heading to Virginia.

I’m back in the house I was raised in.  Literally saying goodnight to my toddler through the same door I shut and left Louisiana.  Life has a really cute way of bringing things full circle, huh? 

Here in our brand new chapter my husband and I are building a new home, embarking on new careers and taking every moment to explore the endless opportunities Richmond provides.  This is the theme of my parenting as well.  I had a pretty clear “plan” of birthing babies and getting right back into the classroom.  But my oldest basically tore those pages out the moment I sent her to daycare after maternity leave.  I never imagined being unhappy at my job.  All day long I thought about what she was doing and wished I could experience her first rolling over and giggling! It was during those initial weeks back at work I knew something had to give.  Perhaps it was the complete sleep deprivation we were all in, but I cried a LOT.  This lifelong dream of being a teacher was all of the sudden gone.  I was bitter at our situation and was not the teacher my students deserved.  Through a series of divine events I decided to pursue another path.  I applied and was accepted to a global program that trains Pediatric Sleep Consultants.  A year and a half later I have now forged my own business, Little Z’s Sleep Consulting, and have worked with over 90 families, creating custom sleep plans that meet the individual goals and needs of their family.  I truly love my job and look forward to the life change I provide families. 

With all the adventure and unexpected turns my story has taken I sincerely believe I’m in for a wild ride of Mothering.  This is why the Richmond Moms Blog is so important to me.  I believe that Motherhood is not meant to be walked alone.  There are far too many wise and patient mothers I need to learn from, to wine with (oh wait, whine?), and affirm with that we’re all doing an okay job.  Cheers to this new page of Richmond Moms Blog! I look forward to walking along with you… or rather, chasing after our little ones together.