Back to School – Stay in the Pool!


As the kids are getting ready to go back in school, it’s time to celebrate and ease into
your family routine again – which should include swimming lessons!

At Goldfish Swim School, we’ve designed our curriculum to not only help your child learn to swim, but to aid in learning in school, too!

How Kids Learn

There’s a reason why we do the things we do at Goldfish Swim School, and why we
focus on teaching the same skills over and over again, all year round. We’ve done our
research on how kids learn, and repetition is key. While adults can get bored with that,
we know that’s how kids learn.
As a result, the same skills are reviewed each week during lessons. It may sometimes
seem like your child is just doing the same thing each week, but in reality, that’s
because these are the building blocks that will make it easier to learn new skills. In other
words, the skills progress through one another.
And as parents, we know practice makes perfect, so repeating skills each week helps
them to become second nature and easier to perform! Just like in a classroom setting,
kids see how repetition brings success and provides extraordinary results.
Plus, we have developed a visual aspect to our curriculum because in our research, we
discovered that many people – especially kids – are visual learners. That means every
lesson within each level has a specific outline of the skills we teach, and those are
displayed in images that our instructors keep at each lane. That way, kids can actually
look at the techniques in order to help them learn!
For example, one level may include mastering kicking on a kickboard while the next
level up will have your little swimmer kicking without assistance.
Think of swim levels like grade levels
There’s a game plan in school, with a set standard of skills to learn in each grade. The
same goes for our levels at Goldfish Swim School. In order to advance to the next level,
swimmers must master the skills outlined.
To do that, our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach our curriculum of
10-12 skills each week. Those skills are the same each week, and in the same order, at
every Goldfish Swim School location throughout the country.
We keep it consistent, so the kids know what to expect. Each skill has an end goal, and
once swimmers pass those, they will move on to the next level.

Swimming lessons are a fun extension of school!

Kids put a lot of effort into school: Learning, focusing, appropriate behavior, etc. Having
swimming lessons after school is a great release for all that energy that’s been building
up all day – and it keeps the learning going in a fun way, while teaching kids a lifelong
By taking swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School, kids learn even more skills that
are important in school as well. Like what? Waiting for their turn, being patient, following
directions, comprehension, listening to teachers, and even more!

Make swimming part of your routine!

Visit the Richmond Goldfish Swim School at 9782 Gayton Road, or give us a call at
804-967-3301. You can learn more about the importance of year-round swim lessons,
water safety, and the Golden Experience here. 

Back-To-School Special
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