Richmond Waldorf School: A Place Where Children Like Mine Flourish


Richmond Waldorf

I have a child who likes to color outside of the lines.

She zigs when others zag. She is determined to be her own person and find her own way in life.

As a family, we struggled to find the right place for our two girls. We looked at a number of schools, went on tours, and interviewed teachers.

When we got to Richmond Waldorf School (RWS), we knew we were home.

Richmond Waldorf School is a place where children like mine flourish.

I currently have two children in the Early Childhood Program at Richmond Waldorf School. We love that our girls are part of a mixed-age kindergarten where the older children teach the younger children, and the younger children look up to the older ones. They are truly a part of a community. I love the stories and songs the children come home with, and the relationship we have with their teachers.

The early childhood program (Pre-K/Kindergarten) at Richmond Waldorf School provides children with a gentle environment that focuses on nurturing imagination, creativity, and social skills. The students learn to love and understand the world around them. The children work and play hard—that’s how they learn. Each day I see both of my children find their unique ways of expression, and each of their respective early childhood experiences is vastly different based on their learning styles.

Our family loves the many seasonal celebrations at RWS.

Fall Fest, Festival of Light, May Faire… No school celebrates seasonal change with more flair than Richmond Waldorf School!

We will never forget our first experience watching the Michaelmas celebration and watching the grade school perform the retelling of St. George and the Dragon. It was beautiful to watch the children’s performance and to feel the community come together.

The elementary school (grades 1 – 5) features lively, experiential learning. Academic subjects are seamlessly blended—it’s hard to tell where math ends and music begins! Children explore their “inner artists” and develop social skills through work and play. Of course, they are also reading, writing, and exploring math and science, all of which the children love.

Middle school (grades 6 – 8) stresses core academics that are carefully integrated to help students better understand the intellectual and moral foundations for a meaningful life. Students are well grounded in music, drama, art, and crafts, and have the opportunity to play after-school sports.

We are thrilled that our school has a beautiful new home on Richmond’s historic Northside.

After many years in rented space, we now have a place to call our own. My children enjoy the library, science lab, playground, and our gymnasium, where we cheer on our coed basketball team and gather for school plays and assemblies.

Waldorf students benefit from small classrooms of 12 -16 students, each guided by a teacher who progresses through the grades with his or her class. This long-term relationship allows teachers to understand their students and fosters a strong parent-teacher partnership. These relationships are so important to my family—there is such comfort in knowing that the same teacher will be with your child for more than nine months.

So if you have a child who likes to zig, call Richmond Waldorf School today and arrange a tour of our beautiful school. You’ll discover a place who embraces all types of learners and celebrates each child’s individuality, and you’ll learn about all the ways that Richmond Waldorf School develops fearless learners.

Adrienne Capollupo
Richmond Waldorf School Parent

Richmond Waldorf – 1301 Robin Hood Road – Richmond, VA 23227 – (804) 377-8024

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