If I’m Going to Exercise, I Want It to Be Fun


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If I'm Going to Exercise, I Want It to Be Fun

I admire runners. I really do. After reading Lucretia’s post about running, I sort of wished I could truthfully write the same post about myself.

In my early twenties, I ran religiously—four miles a day with long runs on the weekends. I know it takes commitment and dedication to tie those laces in the early morning and push through each stride. And I know the high you can get from running. It truly makes you feel like you can do anything. And I completely get why moms would want to run. It’s a chance to escape the house and be quiet with your own thoughts and in control of every moment. 

I get it.

I just don’t want to do it.

Why? Because it feels too much like the hard work I need to push through each day.

Every day of my life feels like both a sprint and a marathon. I’m a work-at-home, stay-at-home mom to three girls. I find myself sprinting through the grocery store so that I can sprint to the bus stop (twice), sprinting to activities on the nights we have them, and then sprinting all over again in the morning. It just never stops. 

Every moment of the day feels like either a hard, fast, give-it-everything-you’ve-got 50-yard dash or the grueling, excruciating, I’m-never-going-to-survive-this slow, long, plod. The sad reality though is that all this activity doesn’t leave me incredibly fit. So I still have to find some way to get actual exercise if I want to keep fitting into my favorite jeans.

When I do exercise, I want it to be fun.

Really fun. Dancing at a club in Cancun at 2 a.m. kind of fun.

Because my current lifestyle precludes dancing in night clubs in Cancun—well, anywhere, really—I do the next best thing: Zumba! 

To be honest, I’ve become a bit addicted to Zumba. For an hour, I don’t have to think about anything having to do with being a mom or cleaning my house or stocking my fridge. I get to dance like nobody’s watching. And I get to completely lose myself in music that’s sometimes too inappropriate for me to listen to with my kids.

As Zumba instructor Hayley Darwin says, “The combination of movement and infectious beats of Latin music fill you up, and you can’t help but smile and enjoy yourself.” Yup. That’s me. The smiling, middle-aged mom giving it all she’s got and likely looking like a fool. At least I’m a happy fool, though. I get to have the time of my life while burning hundreds of calories! Talk about a win-win!

ACAC Zumba instructors.

Long-time ACAC Zumba instructor Marcela Charris loves sharing Zumba with people: “I’ve been teaching for ten years, and I’ve seen so many transformations and so many friendships built.” Both she and Hayley describe Zumba as their “happy place,” so that tells you something!

Find what you love to do.

If you want to run, read Lucretia’s post. You’ll absolutely be inspired!! If you’re the kind of gal who loves a night out dancing, I’ll see you at Zumba!!!

Original post: January 2017