Father’s Day for the Father-To-Be


I recently wished a friend of ours who is expecting a “Happy Mother’s Day.”

She responded with a confused look and stated, “I am not a mom yet.” This conversation was then taken up with the owner of Richmond Moms Blog, Christina Tinker (@tinkertalks): When do you become a parent? Is it when you get pregnant or when the baby comes?

It started the wheels rolling. Perhaps more individuals who are expecting have something to say about this topic and perhaps a blog about this mom’s opinion and some ideas might be helpful. 

In my humble opinion, the celebration of your hard work as a parent should start the moment you become pregnant.

After all, for most of us, that alone means a lot of sacrifice: giving up drinking, smoking, Xanax, shellfish, sushi… I could keep going, but for some of us,  just reading this is enough to not want to go through the process again. 

Are you expecting this Father’s Day?

If it’s your first or even second baby, find a little way to celebrate the father-to-be’s contribution and upcoming parental status.

Sign the card from the baby and you. Give a little gift of something thoughtful—maybe a frame for a future photographic memory or a new tool to help with the construction of the nursery. Go out for a Father’s Day brunch.

Dad’s often struggle to engage in the parental process until the baby actually arrives, so this is a way to begin the ball rolling on his fatherly status. He’s a daddy now, and that should be recognized and celebrated since you two are in this together. 

I hope that he recognized you on Mother’s Day and made you feel special for all the hard work and growing you are doing. (If not, then maybe schedule a make up!)

So many times, you will hear about this time going by so quickly. And since this will be your only Father’s Day before the baby comes, make it one to remember!

Happy Father’s Day!