Perfect Parenting



I saw these words on the cover of a magazine and thought of how unrealistic this title was. Even if the article perfectly described what the author thought of as a perfecting parenting style for them, it might not match my style or your style, or schedule etc. Even the thought that there is a standard in parenting such as perfection is almost insulting. I consider it a win if I get to bed by 11 pm and the kids have had a shower (let alone me), lunches are made, laundry has made it actually into the room where the machines that do the laundry reside, and all the countless animals we have adopted have had their meals for the day. Some days only three of those things would count as a win for me. My perfect day could be the worst possible day but it ended with a hug, kiss, and an “I love you Mommy”. That is perfection to me.

I look at many of these magazines, books, and advertisements and see the mom who is not only bringing home the bacon at work, then she comes home, seasons it, cooks it, serves it, and does the dishes it was served on. I try not to measure myself against these images and articles especially in fall when they all depict these incredible pumpkin masterpieces and I considered it a win that I picked up a pumpkin and remembered to remove it from the back of our car to set on our porch prior to October 30th. It has in the past rolled around the back of my car until November and by then it was a little…ripe. I would just like to tell all of you that I think you are a perfect parent in your very own way and encourage you not to think about the things left undone, the toys left out, the dishes in the sink, the dirty clothes or any of those things. To me that means that your kids are fed, they played, they had fun, and they are loved. You are doing a great job and you deserve a title far greater than perfect.