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When I became a new mom in 2008, I had only lived in my new house in a new town for about four months. I worked and had colleagues and mentors in my social circles, but none of them were in the same phase of life I was – knee deep in the overwhelming experience of learning to care for a newborn, maintaining a marriage and figuring out how to balance it all.

When our twins arrived four years later, I had a big pack of girl friends and even some family near by. We were active in our community and had many people offering to bring by meals or stop in for a visit. It was much easier to survive with the support network we had built. And even so, as our family navigated the waters of going from a family of three to a family of five overnight, there were days I still felt truly isolated and inadequate. And those same girl friends came over and we shared tears and fears and hopes and dreams. What I came to realize was that I had planted seeds of compassion, laughter and camaraderie with a group of authentic, passionate moms who were going through or had been through exactly the same things I was at the time. We were a group of women, moms, connected in a very special way.

We were a community of Women (Moms) with very different backgrounds, different ages of children, from different parts of town brought together by a common bond. We all wanted and needed authentic friendships that were built on a foundation of encouragement and support without any of the typical mom competition.

Fast forward – Our family fulfilled a dream to live in a beautiful town where we can experience all four seasons, explore the rich history Richmond has to offer and explore the beauty of the East Coast. Since becoming a Richmond transplant, I’ve met more and more incredible moms who are finding themselves in the same position I was in; expecting a new baby, recently moved into a new life stage, or having just moved into the area with no “village” yet to call their own and all craving authentic, brave, bold relationships and connections.

Having been born and raised a gatherer of people, a story sharer and a hope spreader, it seemed a natural fit for me to join City Moms Blog Network as the Founder of Richmond Moms Blog.

Hello! We are Richmond Moms Blog, and it’s GREAT to meet you!



Richmond Moms Blog is a community of local women who are passionate about connecting moms and building bridges of love from one heart to another! Our site, born today, is written and run BY local moms, FOR local moms. Our team of local contributing writers (and moms) is sure to provide you relevant information, encouragement, understanding, laughter and inspiration.

At Richmond Moms Blog, we know moms look to each other for local information and recommendations. We all want to build genuine friendships and often need to do it from the convenience of our mobile phone, tablet or computer while the kids are playing or resting. We also know that while these online communities will be a major source of support and connection, moms are also craving interaction, fun and face to face time together. Our goal is to help connect local moms in our community online and offline, through play dates, moms’ night outs, educational series and other local events.  Richmond Moms Blog is here to connect, encourage, inspire, and support one another to embrace the adventure of parenthood.

Whether you are an expecting mom, a new mom or an experienced mom, welcome to our community and thank you for being here!

 We hope you’ll stay connected with us through our website and social media. To make it easy, simply click the buttons to your right of this post to follow us on the social channels that are convenient to you.

We will also have a newsletter going out each week with all the latest Richmond Moms Blog content. We know a mom’s life is a busy one so, all our weekly content will come straight to your inbox. No spam. Just local information, VIP access to our in-person events, and all things Richmond Moms Blog.

We hope you find our community to be one of belonging, purpose and encouragement. If we haven’t met you in person already, we look forward to meeting you offline very soon at one of our events. 




  1. So glad to see this happening! I’m a new first time mom and have only been in the area a couple years so this is perfect! Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Welcome to RVA, Christina! May your new surroundings bless you and your family and your new venture, the Richmond Moms Blog.

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