The Secret Weapon Every Mom Needs on Her Side


There is a secret weapon every new mom needs on her side, but very few know about it.

Fear not, moms! Richmond Moms Blog is here to tell you all about the power of hiring a pediatric sleep consultant like Little Z’s Sleep Consulting. 

What number one thing are new parents least prepared for? What number one thing makes it nearly impossible to get along with your partner in the first few weeks after bringing home a newborn? And what do warfare interrogation and new parenthood have in common?

If you guessed sleep deprivation, you are absolutely right. You hardly ever forget the interrupted sleep and pure lack of deep sleep during the first few weeks, and sometimes months, after bringing a baby home. If it goes on long enough, lack of sleep can truly take away from the joy and excitement of being with your new baby.

Numerous parenting books state the obvious: healthy sleep is essential for each and every family member. But most parents struggle with how to do that. A pediatric sleep consultant can be a secret weapon who teaches parents how to ensure healthy sleep and makes life with a newborn more enjoyable. 

Rebecca Campbell of Little Z’s Sleep Consulting can help your family get the sleep you need and want today! Rebecca can be your secret weapon because she knows firsthand the power of a sleep consultant. During her struggle to get her first daughter, Ellie, to develop healthy sleep patterns, Rebecca worked with a pediatric sleep consultant herself. She saw how quickly and dramatically the quality of her family’s life improved. After that experience, she became trained and certified as a pediatric sleep consultant. For the past two years, she has helped many families and babies find the restorative peace of good sleep!

To give us a little more first-hand perspective, I met with some of Rebecca’s recent clients. Cara and her husband Nick already had a thriving and successfully sleeping four year old, Hudson. They had been through the trenches of new parenthood and sleep training with their first and knew that, while it isn’t easy, it is possible to get a baby to sleep through the night at a reasonable age.  Even so, the tactics and strategies that worked with Hudson didn’t seem to have the same success when their new baby, Bennet, joined the family in 2016.  

A full-time working mom, Cara read the books again and talked with friends and family about new ideas to get Bennet to sleep.  The entire family was running low on patience and in pretty desperate need of sleep when she stumbled upon Rebecca’s Little Z’s Sleep Consulting website in the middle of the night.  

Nursing, rocking and scrolling the interwebs, Cara knew that she needed to call Rebecca as soon as the sun was up the next morning.

After talking via phone to Cara about her sleep challenges, Rebecca recommended that she spend half a night in Cara and Nick’s home to coach, support, and train the parents to achieve healthy, restorative sleep for the whole family. As part of her sleep consulting package, Rebecca supported Cara via text, e-mail, and phone after the in-person visit. 

Cara says this about working with Little Z’s Sleep Consulting:

“It was the best decision to call Becca! She is committed to meeting each individual’s/family’s needs and will support them through whatever challenges they are facing. This was evident from the first time we talked to her and demonstrated further by the high level of encouragement and support she provided throughout our time together. Bennett now sleeps through the night every night, and he almost never needs intervention from us when he does wake. He is more happy when we put him down to sleep and wakes up happy…

We can actually plan our evenings knowing he will be asleep by 7pm! And we have great flexibility with hiring babysitters now. We know we can go out in the evening if we’d like once the kids are asleep without worrying! Becca is also very personable and made us feel comfortable the moment we met her. She has been in our shoes before, and that helped! This was truly a wonderful experience that absolutely saved our sanity and made our child a MUCH better sleeper and, we think, happier overall as a result. We sincerely cannot thank Becca enough!”

Little Z’s Sleep Consulting provides much-needed support.

I spoke to Cara about 2 months after she and Becca worked together, and she confirmed that EVERYONE was getting great rest in their house. For her, another benefit of working with a Pediatric Sleep Consultant was the support and accountability to get through the hardest part – making change.
While she was in our home, Becca heard Bennett crying after he had been sleeping a little while, and she informed us that the cry we were hearing was actually sleep crying. Sure enough he stopped crying shortly after he had started, and we realized we must have been waking him up unnecessarily many times in the past by responding to his sleep cries.


As moms, we all know very little about parenting is easy, but helping your baby sleep healthfully and peacefully can be much easier with the loving support of the secret weapon every mom needs, Little Z’s Sleep Consulting. 


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